Here’s Bretman & Princess FUN In New Years

Here's Bretman & Princess

Hey bro, here singer songwriter after actress athlete activist a discipline on the sky, the wizard of chris, a coconut water devotee and the newest mtv star. Amongst other things, you know, and today, as you can see, we have a two place on our table. 

I am joined by none honestly, it’s just none, but i will be joined by none other than santana. Introducing you guys haven’t seen her in six months, so she might seem a little brand-new, but come here princess man, you didn’t me when you  dent you  the old-fashioned sidekick, nicole form. 

Princess! May we are welcoming in the brand-new years with none other than the color of the year. Very peri is the color of the year we’re wearing like something lighter, but we’ll flash like the color of the year right here right now, but yeah therefore welcomed 2020 to us – oh my god, oh my god, okay  i’ma, still confront you with all The headaches you “ve been given”, but it’s still here, the  princess – am i gon na do with a goblet of frost. Oh, you told me: you required a  toe position, but as it was saying, you guys know how you know when it bouncings and it’s like that’s what you definitely sounds like. I sound like beyonce we’re eating some gin, jolene’s kitchen jolene jolene.

Why are we chilling? Actually, i don’t even know why we’re eating it, because i’m allergic to lobster yeah, that’s why we have um a plate, but we have we’re having some lobster roll by none other than miss jolene herself locomotive. For today i got the brisket locomotive date. Oh that regards so good. Okay, i’m gon na precisely eat real, speedy um and we can talk.

Oh my gosh, i believe are, like i haven’t, talked to you princess yeah. We haven’t talked  by the mode. Oh my gosh. I really feel like that’s a good question to start off. Why haven’t we been clearing youtube videos princess?

May you know brothers and sisters, crusade, sibling, things yeah? I don’t even know why y’all, why you’re acting like we don’t ever fight ? No, that’s what i’m saying like we crusade yeah just know that we had a cute little like brother and sibling fight that we needed. We always did what i needed yeah this  was just too much yeah. It was cute because i didn’t i was going through too much very, like it was just too much going on and i was just like ugh like personal nonsense.

I was dealing with personal nonsense and her trash started to bleed with my sees my trash began to be bleed with her, and it was just too much for the both of us. I will say we needed a disruption, we did. We did we. It was a great six months, though yeah “youve learned” things. I didn’t need to learn things, but i just needed a separate from you.

I’M gon na just to eat this um trash, real, immediate. I want to try it so 2022 princess. What’S the tea girl, what is your um? I want to have like a more healthier life-style. I feel like i’ve disciplined myself a great deal with working out yeah like monday, wednesday, thursday fridays.

I want to continue to like task every day, but i didn’t want to push myself more hard-handed because you don’t want to gate-crash yeah and then, like you know and like not work out for a whole week. Because i’m like my body’s work and also, like my spirit, like i feel like you, have to be more healthier in the mind so you’re able to like move around and like do what you wishing to, because if you have a really ugly, you know, attitude And, like you have bad vibes like who, like nothing, wants to be around that date and i feel like that’s the same reason why we didn’t talk because, like “yeah in a very bad mindset, you needed to work on yourself. Yeah. Definitely – and i want to keep continuing to work on myself period so this year is all about. Is your health epoch yeah mental and physical health epoch?

Yes period, it’s all about healing and it takes time. What is your new year’s decide? Oh my gosh princess. I just really never thought you would ask me about my new year’s resolution um my new year’s answer. This time i already made a cute little video on it, but my number one thing this year is to not explain myself to parties i feel like last year.

I obviously illustrated myself too much to people that don’t need the cause so yeah, i would say time this year, i’m gon na do me and if you don’t get it, that’s okay. I genuinely feel like that’s a really cute new year’s resolution. Oh wait! Speaking of solutions princess this year is the year of the sea vampire per i’m, going to be giving you your um. What gemini’s have in store this year?

Okay year of   2022 for gemini gemini job in year, 2022 ladies the year 2022 may accompanied mingled solutions on your occupation figurehead. You might have to work a little harder to perform well, which you better  worked very hard to. Your entrants might also try to pull you down and there might be question about your economy princess. We are not rivalling newborn, we can not simply in the same league. I don’t know why the , you want to point at me as your challenger .

Your competitors might also try to bring you down and there might be questions about your economy. Do not make it alter your impetu and gait towards your goals. Oh, “i m loving” the pace minute. It’S giving me very much life. So what is this?

What is this telling you like? What is this? Does this bring up anything like it? Does it reverberate with anything this year? Tell us so there’s this one time we “re coming back” from bremen’s house and my daughter was like mommy bryman’s house is so large-scale and i was like i know right so .

How did she get? How did he get onto and i was like he worked really hard on it and he was like. Oh, he built it and i was like gnosis. She worked really hard, somebody constructed it, he bought it and then she was like inspected around my area and she was like mommy. You need to work harder period.

That was your signal that was okay princess. I’M gon na give you the phone and you’re gon na. Read me leo in the year of liquid monster. Okay, tell me tell me: oh, oh, my deity, genuinely in the early days of the year 2022, the native of leo zodiac will be under the influence of will be under the influence.  i’m highest.

What is this sound? It out, uh recognise us raymond. I don’t know how to say it: auspicious don’t  planets in the domestic life and love life you’ll become. You will be able to control the. How do you say this there’s two words in that ideological ideological divergence.

You may have with your life partner or loved one. Oh, i think no, it’s not being gender which will bring harmony in your personal or domestic being. What does that even “re just saying” me? I don’t know it performs no sense hold the line. Let me gape.

That’S the only one you will be able to control ideological changes. You may have with your life partner or loved ones, which will bring harmony in your personal or domestic life-time. Why is it about love this year, like especially like after well dropped ? I get so uncomfortable when i like, when we talk about sons or like when i think about boys, i just got uncomfortable when boys flirt with me. I have a hard time like noticing when boys are interested in me like even when boys are flirting with me, like.

I don’t know they’re flirting with me, even when i tried to download like dating apps, i legit felt like i was cheating on somebody like, even though i was like single like i would get unpleasant like, even when i would like think about having sex with people And like , you know me , i’m horny as and, like my sex drive girl. I know i’m like , i’m gon na be straight for some intellect, but like my sex drive is not existing like, i don’t even be thinking about sex like that anymore, it’s bad, but then i really thought about it and i was like perhaps i Needed it, well  requires it, because this year,  i center. Is there a mode to break the child um? She told me that um, my grandmother from dad’s side, like watches over me, a lot and that she’s a really strong, like spiritual counseling in “peoples lives”, and that she thinks that, like the reason why i haven’t been able to like specify it or like spot, it Is because maybe she felt like i needed to go through it and yeah yeah, maybe that maybe my clue this year is to just like love people that like love me. I love you starting tomorrow.

I guess okay, tomorrow yeah motive, it says early days and tomorrow’s still an early daylight. Let’S not get ahead of ourselves. Um and i said people who loves me. I do love, you do not princess, i do love you, she does. I do you can’t hinder her.

I am not i’m like where the .  Are you in this video right in the back? Nothing by you a lot a lot all the time. Oh my divinity, i always like i’m always like when you weren’t talking, i’m always like requesting people like. Oh is my brother coming?

Should i got to go and say hi and tell him i love him. No, we should really open up about that princess yeah. We should we should. We should, because we shared our entire part living on the internet, chipped to the story. Sure, like my sister and i we’ve never “ve thought about” like fund yeah, and it draws me so uncomfortable speaks with fund with my siblings, and i always draw that direction of boundary with like my fund, because to be honest, like for beings to talk about, my coin Makes me awkward because i don’t even know how much coin i do.

I don’t talk about money even with myself, because that’s why i have business managers to handle my money:  when you grown up broke and when you finally got money. You’Re gon na  deplete it. I grew up so broke and my first paychecks keefer will know like i waste it on foolish  .  So, precisely from my point of view and without like talking about it too much like because, like certainly nobody needs to know um, we opposed about fund and what really provoked me off was this  was really type about money. Talking to me about my my coin, why this  was on my la suite berthed and i was like how does  gon na  question me about where my money’s going.

Why she type in all of this. In my la suite, like  , if i didn’t care about you, you would not be in my  la apartment like for use so yeah. That is from my pov, i’m just saying princess. I will never defend about you about my fund again, because that would not be a conversation we’ll be having ever again per. Can i talk about my pov yeah ?

So don’t even you told me to change the statement yeah to fix it, yeah not for me, but because i paid parties to handle my coin and they asked me to tell you to fix it because you’re up my organisation, anyways, so yeah. We merely thought about stupid,like you know like, but we needed it because i would rather battle about fund now than like when we’re like. 

Actually, you know it was so funny. We were raised by mothers that never said here today yeah yeah ,  no it it’s really. We were raised by mothers ,  not only my mummy it. I feel like it’s really awkward. Sometimes, when we tell my mommy, like we love you, we love you she’s, like she’ll, be like she gets so scared like running away like we’re ,  absolutely no truth to the rumors minors or like whenever, like we’re too lovey to my mommy she’d, be like which is like whatever like.

I know like filipino siblings are like watching this like. I can relate right now, but, like i retain when this christmas um cleo was going around the whole entire family like querying, if there’s a few moments and like certainly we’re filipino, she was like mommy, oh no. No. She was asking cats, can you tell this story because you were there? Cleo was like auntie, it’s mama samoan and then she was like.

No. She goes is newborn brother still, my choose she’s like no, he goes auntie are you samoan and she was like no and then i were they coming to the party because she asked me if i was a moment, yeah yeah, yeah and then she and then katherine, Was like oh you’re, the only samoan and she was so sad she’s like i’m the only one yeah yeah she’s, just so sad, i’m like but you’re, filipino too and then she’s like no no she’s like no, i’m so mine. It’S. I think it’s so funny because, like obviously cleo has a dad and he’s like someone, you guys know clay is someone but yeah. It’S so cool like hastening um like not bilingual.

Well, she is bilingual she’s gon na be but um yeah concoction girl. Why can’t? I think of that word. It’S so crazy, like promote like mingled kids, because, like recollect even when claire was like a little girl and like we are to be able coach her like beautiful seeings, which was like you know filipino. It’S like like that, and then she “d forgotten about” it, because in samoan, beautiful attentions is maka’s yeah and then what else did she like?

She would be like i is now going tell mummy salsa you i’m like.Tell your mummy to affected me i’ll affect her ass back. I don’t know why claire anticipates i’m scared of princess like she’s. Every time i say no to clyo she’d be like i tell grandma sasa you, i’m like sasa implies like lickins or like um spanking spanking, like. I dare you to tell your  mama about me i’ll talk to her right now, like i asked her.

So cleo knows she’s like what about newborn friend. What is he and i was like he’s mexican puerto rican, i’m filipino i was like what is that yeah? I envisage one time he was like, why is ezekiel so white-hot? We were showering and then they were showering and then she’s like he’s so lily-white. He has a white as season and i was just like i remember it’s just so funny that, like she’s in truly in the senility where she is asking about so many things even about her figure ,  no, she craves um me to list my other Daughter, butterflies, but we’re like mariposa ,  no recollect how she was like asking you about.

She told me march .  She told me april girl, she’s not coming home, i’m telling you that’s how she is because she introduced a one-way ticket. Well, i bought her a one-way ticket back home. Kiefer will tell us right now. My mom’s final daylight.

Are you boozing my cup? What are you didn’t want it princess hurry up, she’s coming home, the ending of february mom’s coming home in the end of february? Are you roused for mama to come home candidly yeah, i’m tired of my girls? She needs they need to be over there yeah, i’m just kidding okay princess last-place thing. We should modernize them about what we’re doing in our lives right now, because they are back in institution.

I’M very excited for that they’re, so happy to be at school. Cleo and ezekiel is just. The coach was like claire desires to sing and ezekiel likes to dance her. She got performer daughters, she got performer teenagers, but are you gon na say something about my mane? I mean you learnt it.

Oh yeah, can i say something: okay, let me say something about your “hairs-breadth” princess. Oh my idol princess your “hairs-breadth” is getting so long and healthy and savory. It’S like i’ve been preserve up. Yeah i’ve been you dyed it back to colors. I see it regards so nice like that you should keep it like that.

I exactly want it to be you it’s returning, though i really like your hair when it’s natural and not like dead. Do you miss when your mane was this length? Did you miss me? Did you miss this section with us? It was good sacrificing very much edward scissors paws, yeah and he cut them too.

Okay, tell you update me about my lifestyle update us? Oh yeah, uh ,  no.  What about you? Whatever you’d be, like, i said, be like what about you, what have you been doing? Okay, oh my god brett.

What about you? You need to tap me. Yes, wait what i’m sorry that was awkward brett. What about you? What’S your revise?

Oh my gosh um. I just really didn’t think you were gon na. Ask me um. I wasn’t there’s a lot of modernizes in my life actually, but right now i feel like something that i can tell you. Is that i’m finishing up something for the um, the baddest booklet.

Am i in it there’s just so many things i can’t talk about, but i do also have the thing that i worked on on canada coming out soon, a business and then and this year i really am thinking of building my pond. So hopefully, by the time we do another mukbang, there’s gon na be building going on in the back princess this last topic actually princess. This is not what i demanded give us a little sample of your music, a little outro for your music. Okay. Can you play us a little sample?

Read here:

Oh yeah, i are you able ended my mettle in my normality. I was down down dead on my knee all right. You guys hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. I predict we will not be going on a youtube hiatus for a hot minute before the meantime.

I love you guys, and i hope you guys come back on my path and you’re already right here. You likewise might as well agree, follow her on instagram, real princess, mary desire.

We’Re merely it’s our first video container. It’S the lobster babe yeah literally inducing me like itchy. Now, oh yeah, this  is allergic to lobster on that. No we’re gon na travel get some benadryl beloved. You  

Here’s Bretman & Princess FUN In New Years
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