How Taiwan’s Steps to contain Covid-19, READ THE EXPLANATION

How Taiwan's Steps to contain Covid-19

The quarantine process starts as soon as you acre and they spray and sterilize all your luggage. You have to take a quarantine taxi which is specially designated to take you from where you are to the quarantine location. I got to the hotel and I got off and accompanied into a cargo-like There’s a screen inside the entrance and there’s a guy on the screen. Looking at the webcam on the other end and they’re, basically telling me to make that elevator and don’t touch anything we’ll planned, the elevator, to go to your floor. This is Ed.

I want to be with him Talk about because in 2020 he was one of the more than half a million people who went through two weeks of mandatory quarantine and then ended the quarantine and moved into Taiwan. Ed has dual citizenship of Taiwan and Canada, but he lives in New York. Me more. New York in 2020 Streets are empty for most of   2020 Venues are closed. Taiwan is normal.

It’S as if there’s never been an outbreak, You can walk into restaurants. Take the MRT

Seven people died from COVID-1 9 One of the lowest number of people in the world. Then in May 2021 the situation altered. “ Taiwan is now experiencing daily rise in illness ” “ Rapid increase ” “ Infection.

Peak ” Taiwan is now dealing with Worst Outbreak. Taiwan is facing its biggest COVID outbreak ever after more than a year of normality. So I want to understand how Taiwan has been so safe for so long without being affected by COVID-1 9. 

Why isn’t this working anymore? Also?

What can we learn from it? Spanning the streets of Taipei is a parade of units that connote the fighting spirit of the national army. Taiwan was initially poor and controlled by a military dictatorship, but in the 1990 s Taiwan became democratic and originated economically Its government developed a universal health insurance plan for 99 %   of the population offer universal health care. This keeps Taiwan on par with the affluent countries around the world. Well, except for the United Regime.

In 2001, they started using health insurance posters to digitize cases’ medical information. This plan, combined with It, has developed universal health care and digital infrastructure and is considered to be one of the best health care arrangements in the world. Then in 2003 China began to report outbreaks of severe acute respiratory ailment,( SARS) SARS was reported in Taiwan. In March 2003 Occurrences appeared in the hospital quickly and mainly in Taipei. By April, there were reports that the hospital had a large number of infection contingencies.

In response, the mayor of Taipei abruptly decided to block the hospital to prevent anyone from participating or leaving the hospital. More than 150 people captured inside becoming infected in Taiwan. In the end 31 of the 80 people who died due to SARS were captured in that hospital. The government responded to SARS without any rules In order to control the logistical support of the eruption they set up. A temporary agency called the Central Epidemic Command Center, but it arrived When it comes to clarifying who is responsible for shutting down infirmaries, government officials at all levels disagree on who actually shapes government decisions.

We have encountered many problems, County and city governments are saying one thing and the central government saying another So the role of the Central Epidemic Command Center was recognized in 2004 When it was launched during the outbreak. This agency became the central public health authority Access to all levels of government information. We have a lot of public infrastructure that is like Lego blocks. People can easily The structure was rearranged so that it could perform new functions. In the following 15   times, the Central Epidemic Command Center was activated during three small outbreaks.

However, the real challenge has not yet come At least 7 cases of SARS infection, and they officially launched the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center on January 20, Because the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center can share information with various enterprises. The dictation middle can integrate people’s trip and health information together. The combining allows them to assess risk at an individual level. People who have recently saw a country where they may have been infected are considered to be at high risk. People with no underlying health conditions and people who have not traveled abroad are considered low-spirited peril Taiwan.

The knowledge sent to the health insurance card is available to everyone of Instructed to be able to buy a quota of masks per week allocated by the government, but they were able to continue to live in a functioning society. 

High risk people needed to quarantine for two weeks After two weeks of quarantine, they were reduced to low-toned gamble and returned to the ranks of others. Because of this This practice moves Taiwan unnecessary to implement a obstruction In Taiwan. Community illness among the people are very, very rare. However.

In March the number of infections participating Taiwan began to rise. Therefore, Taiwan proposed other policies and began to recognize that everyone who flew to Taiwan was at high risk, No matter what Where did these people return to Taiwan and the enter of most foreign tourists is totally censored, which means that more people will need to undergo mandatory quarantine, Quarantine area? You will see a big red shocking ratify like this behind the door when you close the door that says, if you leave quarantine, you will be fined a lot of money. You will get a text meaning from the nearby police station. They succeed Is to call you and corroborate with you that in fact, twice a daytime for two weeks, Ed’s only risk of contact with other parties is through the cat’s eye on the door.

When person draws him food or takes away the scum. But After that he can join the ranks of 24 million people in Taiwan and return to normal life. This is another world that the United State and non-eu countries have watched for a whole year. Taiwanese people live their lives as if Nothing ever happened to me, that’s freedom. When I started making this video, it was a story about how Taiwan managed to beat the covid-1 9, but in May 2021 a new wave of infections abruptly affected Taiwan’s success.

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A big question mark The total number of infection clients was really redoubled. Many business have been forced to close In the face of the epidemic. You must not be complacent. This is a lesson that Taiwanese beings have learned. Taiwan is gradually relaxing its quarantine plan.

Taiwan is still maintenance the outbreak under control. 

Thousands of parties ought to have to be presented to a new round of quarantine. Taiwan will not be truly safe until Taiwan no longer needs a system to withstand the outbreak. The best route to get to this day is Vaccinations. On the other hand, New York looks like it’s back to normal after a very hard year, and it’s not because we finally figured out a practice to thwart Covid-1 9 it’s because of inoculations.

This will happen and we can’t exactly casually say there are vaccines, so all is well at the end of this all, even if we are all injected and partying again, we should all check what taiwan does right. So we don’t have to have the same conversation in the future, because this is coming in this deadly epidemic. During this period, Taiwan has maintained safety and freedom for more than a year. In the process of fighting against the epidemic, mistakes will appear The trick is to learn from mistakes .

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How Taiwan’s Steps to contain Covid-19, READ THE EXPLANATION
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